How To Customize Control Center In iOS 11

The next is introduced by Apple based on the operating system in case the WWDC 2017. iOS 11 remains shiny new toys in an event featuring a great novelty in contrast to what we are running. The firmware adds a range of new attributes and a few upgrades too. The control center is among those visual upgrade that provides a boatload of shortcuts into the table. If you are willing to receive your hands on the iOS 11 Control Center even when the firmware isn’t outside, there’s a jailbreak tweak to it.

Install the beta on a device to prevent bugs and issues from getting frustrating. And don’t forget to back up your device using iTunes.

Control Center Customization includes options for Apple TV, screen recordings, notes, voice memos, do not disturb while driving, and much more. While Tetris-esque design it is not possible for everybody, the functionality is excellent.

  1. Tap on Settings
  2. Tap on Control Center and then Customize Controls
  3. Tap the (+) next to any item you’d like to add under MORE CONTROLS
  4. Under INCLUDE at the top, tap (=), hold, and slide the symbol to reorganize controls

Here is a more detailed walkthrough using images:

Once you’ve customized to your liking, Control Center, check it out by swiping up in the bottom of your screen.

How To Customize Control Center In iOS 11

Play around with all the Control Center to get a sense of the way the new UI functions. Giving a 3D Touch (or long media) about the various controls provides quick possibilities for many, though some will launch the program.


My favorite part about the new Control Center is having access to this Apple TV remote a film and a tap away.