How To Update iOS 11 Public Beta On iPhone, iPad And iPod Touch

Operating systems iOS 11 Beta is released by Apple. Are you interested in using these updates to try iOS 11? Here’s a complete guide that you need to read. Starting from preparation and how to complete update to iOS 11 Public Beta.

How To Update iOS 11 Public Beta On iPhone, iPad And iPod Touch

Getting Started: Get To Know The iOS Public Beta

Public Beta is the license for the operating system from Apple, macOS and iOS, tvOS in trial version (Beta) that can be used by general users. That is by way of registering on the page Apple Beta Software Program. With the Public Beta, users can install a Beta operating system, without the need to create an account if you use such Developer Developer Beta.

The preparation you should do is quite simple. Here’s the list:

  1. This recommend using the iOS devices not a backup or primary device to try iOS 11 Beta.
  2. Back up data or backups in the usual way you use. Could with iTunes, iCloud or through the manual way. If you use iTunes, we recommend that you do Archive Backups to separate the last backup before the update to iOS 11 with the next backup. It’s useful to simplify the process of Restore from Backup If you want to go back to downgrade iOS 10. A complete guide on Archive Backup you can read on the following pages.
  3. Register on the page Apple Beta Software. Please sign in to the page and then press the Sign-Up button. A list of the addresses of the Apple ID you and wait for a confirmation email from Apple if needed.

Tutorial Update iOS 11 Public Beta 1

  1. Download Profile for iOS 11 Public Beta by opening this website via the iOS devices you want to use.
  2. Follow the Guide to install the iOS 11 Public Beta Profile to finish.
  3. Go into Settings – General – Software Update and then download iOS 11 Public Beta directly via the iOS devices. Use the internet connection from Wi-Fi fast and stable to facilitate the update process.

As an additional note, iOS 11 Public Beta 1 still has some bug system which is quite annoying. Some of the companions of reported problems that occur as the battery charging indicator do not display properly; the Screen Recording features that provide maximum results not as well as a few other things surrounding application access from third parties.