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There are many expectations for the new iPad Pro 2 so that the new iPad Pro 2 lineup will come with well-improved design, specifications, software and even good price. It seems like the company is suggested to do a lot of things to make the new iPad Pro 2 much better than the original one. Now, we have a big curious question about iPad Pro 2017 software. We can’t instantly answer this issue before we know when the tablet is released. If we want to know what software the next iPad runs on, the answer will depend on the tablet is released. It is because currently, Apple is working on some software which is possible to be used on iPad Pro 2.

As we heard recently, some rumors suggest the iPad Pro 2 to be launched in early of 2017. These rumors result on the following prediction of iPad Pro 2017 software. If the company choose this time range, then it will almost certainly run on the latest version of Apple’s mobile operating system, iOS 10. But if it arrives later in September, landing alongside the expected iPhone 8, it is far more likely to run on iOS 11. As we know that that OS has not been announced yet, but will probably be confirmed next summer at Apple’s annual WWDC developer conference. If we don’t expect to wait for any

If we don’t expect to wait any longer than we should be enough with the iOS 10 on the new iPad Pro 2. This operating system was released in September last year, so it is ready to be used for the new iPad Pro 2. The company debuted this software on its new iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus handsets. There are some new features included changes to 3D Touch, the lock screen, and the addition of ‘widget’ support. In the iOS 10, Apple also added additional emojis to Messages, a redesigned interface to Maps, and a new algorithmic categorization and search system called ‘Memories’ for photos. Apple also made some improvement that resulted in Siri to be finally bagged support for third-party app-specific requests. This allows you to request an Uber using your voice alone.

The other prediction related to the new iPad Pro 2017 software is possible if the release date of new iPad is in September. As some source mention about it, Apple’s new software build, which will no doubt be called iOS 11, won’t be previewed at WWDC in June. Therefore, if the company prefer to release the new iPad Pro 2 in September this year, then it almost sure that the new iPad will use the new iOS 11 if reports are to be believed. As the company has made some changes and improvement to the current operating system: iOS 10, there is no doubt that the same thing will be done to the next operating system. It means that the new iPad will come with more updated features for its new operating system. Of course, it is not impossible, but won’t you wait until September? That is a hard question, surely. We have been counting down month by month until we are in the first quarter of this year to see the new iPad Pro 2. It seems like we won’t wait any longer to see how the new iPad Pro 2 will be.